Our Pledge

LGBTIQ+ Health Pledge

The #LGBTIHealthPledge campaign has been developed to promote LGBTI inclusive principles to ensure that LGBTIQ+ people continue to receive culturally appropriate and affirmative care during this challenging time.

Join us in taking the pledge to: 
• Build awareness around the unique challenges LGBTIQ+ people face when accessing the health system during the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Promote principles of LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice to ensure that LGBTI people continue to receive culturally safe and high-quality services now and into the future.
• Build confidence within LGBTIQ+ communities that mainstream health and wellbeing services across Australia will continue to consider their unique health needs and circumstances.
• Reduce discrimination and stigma against LGBTIQ+in healthcare settings and thereby improving their health outcomes.


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I Stand With The Quarter

The Quarter is a safe space for performers who are First Nations, People of Colour (POC) and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD). Recently we were referred to as “that quarter” in a public statement. Such comments have led us to reclaim the name to create a community called The Quarter. The events that followed have shown that not enough action is being taken to insure an inclusive and diverse industry where we can all feel safe, equal and welcome.

As an industry leader, we pledge to create an anti racist, decolonised Australian theatre industry and establish an inclusive and safe environment for all.

We Pledge to:
• Acknowledge in-built systemic racism and educate ourselves in our complicity
• Hire cultural consultants/advisors and intimacy coordinators who have the necessary knowledge in experience to create safe spaces and not allow cast driven emotional labour
• Consult The Equity Diversity Committee and enforce safe practices for all diverse creatives
• Commit to a minimum of 25% Bla(c)k, Indigenous, People of Colour, gender diverse, disabled and body diverse artists working in our companies and on our projects
• Commit to working towards a minimum 25% of annually programmed work that is created and led by BIPOC artists
• Stop programming works that feature racially insensitive characters and depictions
• Apply this pledge to diversity in its entirety including but not limited to disabilities (visible and invisible), low socioeconomic backgrounds, body diversity, transgender gender diverse identifying artists.

We acknowledge that these changes won’t happen overnight but the more we keep striving to achieve them, the sooner we will see change.

Hold us accountable.

Take The Pledge